Real Magic Book Group: April

Our book for April is Lee Cole’s brilliant debut novel Groundskeeping.

Set in Kentucky, it is at its heart a coming-of-age love story between Owen and Alma, but also examines the boundaries between life and art, and class in modern America. Beautifully written, with wonderful observations about relationships and family, it is also very sweet and funny.

We will be meeting to discuss the book on Wed 19 April at 7pm. Copies are available in the shop now. If would like to buy a copy and have it sent out to you direct (with a Real Magic bookmark!) email us and we’ll sort

‘Cole paints in airy watercolours rather than bright acrylics; his touch is light, restrained, but always authoritative and precise . . . an exacting and beautifully textured debut’ The New York Times

‘Scrupulously perceptive; Groundskeeping is an absorbing love story, but is also a sharp examination of class in America’ Colm Toibin

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