Event: Nature Spotting with Russell Weekes

Get yourself down to Real Magic Books for a family nature spotting walk with artist and author Russell Weekes on Saturday 17 June

Taking inspiration from his recent pamphlet, Nature Spotting, Russell will be leading us on a gentle wander around the village, hopefully highlighting the weird and wonderful things to be found right on our very doorstep…. meet at 10am, free entry, all ages welcome. A perfect way to kick off Father’s Day weekend.

In 2010 the artist Russell Weekes noticed a horse chestnut branch that had fallen onto the pavement by his feet. There was something about the structure of this branch that suggested a dog and sparked the daily exercise that Weekes calls ‘nature spotting’—a simultaneously meaningful and mundane activity that renders the quotidian material of the world—leaf fall, moss, lichen, bits of bark—weighted with new meaning. These items become signs, cyphers and tokens of suggestion, creating connections in the imagination of the alert observer and loading the everyday with its own unique language.

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