Event: Art Is Magic – Jeremy Deller

Friday 12 May

An evening at Real Magic Books with Turner Prize-winning artist Jeremy Deller

‘Art is a way of staying in love with the world. It is also a form of magic’


A week after the release of his fantastic new book, Jeremy Deller will be joining us upstairs for an intimate evening discussing his work with Carl (Real Magic Books) and signing copies of Art Is Magic, an entertaining and revealing journey into the mind of one of Britain’s greatest contemporary artists.

Jeremy Deller brings together for the first time key works from his career alongside the art, pop music, film, politics and history that have inspired him.

Pulling together all Deller’s cultural touchstones – from acid house and brass bands to crop circles and folk traditions – and featuring conversations between the artist and an eclectic mix of cultural figures and collaborators, from fashion provocateur Sportsbanger to classicist Mary Beard, Art is Magic offers an unpredictable and exhilarating tour of a unique mind.

From his inflatable Stonehenge for the Glasgow International Festival to the Miners’ Strike, bats (a subject in at least three of Deller’s works), and Andy Warhol, to the links between the Industrial Revolution and heavy metal, hen harriers pecking out the eyes of a Tory MP and the Somme anniversary piece We’re Here Because We’re Here, there is something for art lovers, fans and the culturally curious alike. The text is brought to life by artwork from across Deller’s oeuvre, including work which has never been seen before.


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